Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Have Reached My Limit On Blogger

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I have another blog called East Village Corner. I continue my take on the nitty and gritty of life. Come join me.

Please read and enjoy MELANIE also--the park-people and places are vibrant and I have been sharing my journey here since the beginning of January 2009. Lots to see...


It Is Almost Officially Fall

Brunch Time


Sushi Bar On Ave. A

Green Thumb Garden

ZEE'S Pet Shop & Supply

An old timey pet store with everything you need on Avenue B.


Tompkins Square Park

Porto Rico Coffee Shop On St. Marks

Graffiti Art

Friday, September 18, 2009


My style exactly!

Happy New Year

Weeping Willow Trees


Stroll Through The Park

E. 6th Street & Ave. A

I miss Pisces Restaurant which became another restaurant owned by the same people but has been shuttered for a long time now.

Mosaic On E. 11th Street

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bob Arihood

Bob Arihood is a highly educated professional who cares about the Community he lives in and has been documenting it for the past 30 years. He came from Indiana to NYC and is a self trained photographer. He is the inspiration for my blog.
Keep up the great works Bob...we need your kind of photo journalism.
EV Grieve has more on Bob today.
Google WEEGEE Photography and check it out too.

Going Back

Rainbow Shop Has Opened On E. 14th Street


"Please Don't Tell" - By Jim Powers

Bicycles By The Park

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Espresso Machine

The Cafe At Theatre 80 St. Marks

The Cafe is named in remembrance of "Barnacle Bill" a seaman and regular in Tompkins Square Park who passed away this year.
The day I visited things were still being set up. I am an actress and feel very comfortable in these surroundings.

St. Marks Place

Theatre 80 St. Marks

Currently "The Pied Pipers Of The Lower East Side" is playing by Derek Ahonen. "It concerns a gathering of young idealists living as a modern day urban tribe above a vegan restaurant in NYC.
A celebration of love."
I was inside the Theatre and took a few shots of the stage. Here is one of them.

Lorcan Otway

Theatre 80 St. Marks

Retro Clothes



De La Vega--Realize Your Dream

Weeping Willow Tree