Monday, May 11, 2009

Hi--hope everyone got out and enjoyed themselves....

It was a great weekend--the Flea Market was open on 4th Street between Ave. B & C--wonderful tamales and Mexican food were available along with good buys on scarves,pareos,antique jewelry and audio accessories and bicycles. I ventured to two Green Thumb gardens in the area and also met some interesting people-a former writer for The East Village Other--some people out there may remember this newspaper--covered the EV back in the day. I have lots of photos to post. Will post them when an important piece of downloading equipment arrives hopefully sometime end of this week.

Also Karen from Love Saves The Day is back on St. Mark's near Porto Rico Coffee Shop.

We really need Peace And Love these days.

Bob Arihood has excellent coverage of the weekend's events on Crusty Row. Read them in his blog Neither More Nor Less.